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Eclipse Cycling

RGB to CMYK color problem

Our clients usually submit the JPG design file and logos to us , when we start to create the digital flat image , the color will be changed , because we need to change the RGB mode to be CMYK mode. The CMYK mode color will be darker than RGB.

RGB color is for the display on the screen , CMYK is for the printing. For example :

RGB Color : 


CMYK Color :

The Design Image with RGB color :

The design image with CMYK mode color:


This is the FIRST color problem , RGB translate to CMYK. 

If we find the color can not match the design image , we will find some way to change the printing color to match the design RBG color , but it's very hard to do , so we have to try our best to make them look the same.


Sublimation color problem

The second color problem was occured when we print and sublimation.

Because we use the sublimation transfer print to print the image on the fabric , so the final products (the clothes)'s color is different. 

Each printer and inks is different , so the printing color is different also , when we transfer the printing paper on the fabric , the color will be changed again.

For example : 

The Digital Flat Image for printing ( PDF format)

The final products

You can find that the final clothes' color is faded than the printing PDF file color.


How to fix these problems?

As I said , when we find the our printing PDF file CMYK color is too different with the RGB design image or logo, we will find out some way to change the logo or design color. However , sometimes we can not do this work well , because some logos' quality is too bad to change the color , so we have to give up modifying its color.

Some customers complain that our final products' color is incorrect as they imagine, but please understand that the color problems are not made by us , there are too many reasons.

So if you want the color is matching you image , the RBG logo or design file do not work for us , we suggest that the customers should provide us the vector format logo and CMYK color code.There is a CMYK color PDF file , you can download it and you can point out the color code when we design the preview image for you. Download the CMYK color chart.

Actually , Providing the CMYK or Panton color to us just can fix the first color problem (RGB translate to CMYK) , the sublimation color problem can not be fixed. 

So when you place the order , you can ask us to test the final design image on the fabric and take some pictures to show you to confirm (Please leave the test requests on the your ticket)  , so you can see the final color on the fabric. 



The clients want to get the correct color final products , we also want to produce the right color jerseys for you , but we will encounter a lot of problems in reality. So please be patience when we work together to fix the color problem.