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Eclipse Cycling


What's your shipping rate?

Please read our shipping page to get more details.

Our custom apparel pricelist :

Products Price
Short Sleeve Jersey  $29.99
Wind Vest
Thermal Wind Vest
Long Sleeve Jersey  $33.99
Thermal Long Sleeve Jersey  $40.99
Regular Shorts  $27.99
Bib Shorts  $29.99
Pants  $40.99
Thermal Pants  $42.99
Bib Pants  $42.99
Thermal Bib Pants  $46.99
Arm Warmers  $18
Thermal Arm Warmers  $20
Kits Price
Short Sleeve Jersey + Regular Shorts
Short Sleeve Jersey + Bib Shorts  $52
Long Sleeve Jersey  + Pants Kits  $65
Long Sleeve Jersey  + Bib Pants Kits  $70
Long Sleeve Jersey  + Pants (Both Thermal)  $70
Long Sleeve Jersey  + Bib Pants Kits (Both Thermal)  $78


How can I get the discount?

1. For the repeat customers , if the order price is over $120 , we will offer 10% off discount, less than $120 we will offer 5% off discount also.

2. Print our web site logo on the custom jersey or shorts will get 2% - 10% off.   

NOTE: #2 and #1 can't be superimposed ; Each discounts in #2 can't be superimposed

Print our logo on the sleeve or shorts' leg , we will offer 2% off


Print our logo on the left/right chest or shorts' back , we will offer 8% off


Print our logo on the front/back of the jersey or side of the shorts, we will offer 10% off

You can download our logo image here : EclipseCycling Logo (Black) , EclipseCycling Logo (White)